Media Kit: Michael Mangan, Ph.D.

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Quite possibly millions of sleepers worldwide (probably mostly women) are being unceremoniously yanked into consciousness by the intimate groping, moaning, and otherwise clearly sexual behavior of their bed partners-who happen to be asleep.

Sleepsex, or "sexsomnia" is now being recognized by clinicians and talked about by laypersons as a potentially serious problem many individuals may coping with. Ellen (not her real name) whose husband has sleepsex episodes writes: "During his sleepsex episodes, he becomes very aggressive and violent and then claims he does not remember anything. Everybody we have talked to, neurologists, psychologists, etc., can't explain it, but see it as a huge danger to our children and me. The only medicine they have tried is Ritalin (20 mg) before bed. This does not work and our doctors don't know what to do next. I had to call 911 last night because of a violent attack."

"Sleepsex: Uncovered" is a book about sexual behavior in sleep. Dr. Mangan reveals what first-hand experience with sleepsex is like, how it affects those involved and how people have dealt with it. 

Sexual behavior in sleep has been a topic of perennial interest to the media. Dr. Mangan has been featured in:

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Michael Mangan is a psychologist, faculty member at the University of New Hampshire, Durham and is a recognized expert on sexsomnia. His book Sleepsex: Uncovered (2001) has received enthusiastic endorsements from key American opinion leaders in sleep medicine, he's published academic research on sexsomnia and is presently conducting research with Dr. Colin Shapiro and Dr. Nik Trajanovic, authors of the groundbreaking study Sexsomnia: A New Parasomnia? Through his Website www.sleepsex.org, which receives over 10,000 visits monthly, Mangan has emerged as a primary contact for journalists doing stories on sexsomnia.

"Sleepsex: Uncovered" is the first book to be written on this topic. To learn more about sleepsex, and "Sleepsex: Uncovered" visit http://www.sleepsex.org.

Reviews and Endorsements

"Your book will be of great value to the general public, patients, sleep medicine professionals, and to the legal profession." Mark Mahowald, M.D. University of Minnesota. Dr. Mahowald is one of the nation's leading experts on sleep-related violence and is a widely-known expert on sleep disorders.

"Thank you so much for sending your book to me. I have used it already in teaching our residents about the topic of parasomnias. I am delighted to have it as a reference as this is an area on which I frequently get consulted by defense attorneys and have already given one such person your name and how to find a copy of the book. We have had a few of these cases here at Rush. I must admit that on the first one I missed cold and had no help to offer until I realized that this was part of the same picture as the other parasomnias. The book is certainly valuable in filling the niche for the legal profession and for sleep medicine and for sleep clinicians to whom such patients refer themselves for help." Rosalind Cartwright, Prof. of Psychology, Chair of the Department of Psychology, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Rush University. Dr. Cartwright is a prominent psychologist and author of several books on sleep and dreaming.

"Thanks for sending me a copy of your book. I enjoyed reading it, especially because it includes so many first-hand reports. The use of the Internet to collect data is original." J. Allan Hobson, M.D., Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hobson is a well-known and respected psychiatrist and author of "Sleep" (W.H. Freeman/Holt).

"An important new book." Gordon Clay, Executive Director of The National Men's Resource Center and publisher of "Menstuff.org." Menstuff.org is one of the largest men's issue sites on the Web with over 26,000 unique visits daily.

"I have read your book and think it's great. I am so glad there is finally something out there for people in print. Thank you so much for writing it." Amie Jensen. Ms. Jensen is a reader whose husband regularly initiates sex with her in his sleep. Amie's story appeared in a feature article on sleepsex in Cosmopolitan, January 2002 and she and her husband were guests on the Montel Williams show in February 5, 2002.

"The book has been helpful and I will tell you why. Most people have the feeling that once something has been published there is an increased amount of credibility. Even though my girlfriend believed me before, your book has only solidified this condition as being "real". It allowed me to provide documented research instead of speculation. It was extremely easy to read and I think that unfamiliar readers would be able to get a firm understanding of the subject. This is a step in the right direction. Thank you so much." Anonymous Male Reader

Fact Sheet

Title: Sleepsex: Uncovered

Description: "Sleepsex" is sexual behavior that occurs during sleep. While it may be quite common, only a very limited number of cases have been captured in the clinical literature. And until now, there was no book on this topic. Sleepsex: Uncovered sheds light on the prevalence of, and the causes of, sleepsex. The bulk of Sleepsex: Uncovered is made up of over 60 brief, and in-depth "stories" provided by persons with direct experience of sleepsex. These stories reveal what sleepsex is like, and how it affects those involved. The author summarizes in plain terms what has been written on sleepsex by sleep experts, and discusses treatment options for problematic types of sleepsex. Useful information on the following is clearly presented in question-answer format:

Author: Michael Mangan, Ph.D.

ISBN: 1-4010-3766-6 (Trade Paperback)

1-4010-3767-4 (eBook)

Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Type of Binding: Softcover

Page Count: 108

Publication Date: December 2001

Audiences: Researchers, teachers, and practitioners in sleep medicine, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, and sex therapy, human sexuality, criminal law; persons with or without diagnosed sleep disorders; the general public.

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Sample Interview Questions

1. What is "sleepsex"?

2. What kind of sex do people engage in during sleepsex?

3. How many people "have" sleepsex?

4. How do people who've experienced it feel about sleepsex?

5. Is sleepsex a sleep "disorder"?

6. What causes sleepsex episodes?

7. Is it dangerous to "have" or to be around others with sleepsex?

8. What are the legal implications of sleepsex?

9. Is any research currently being done on sleepsex?